White Washing Unfinished Wood


You know those cute, rustic wood signs you see in stores that cost way more money than they are worth? Well that’s exactly why I decided to make one instead of buy one. I had extra wood sitting around and an empty wall in my living room just waiting for some homemade art.

(Here’s an example of one of those signs if you aren’t sure what I’m referring to):


Onto the project! My husband took some boards off a pallet we had leftover from our DIY Rustic Coffee Table project. He laid them across two boards going  the other direction and nailed them in place. (The photo below is actually from a different project but you get the idea).


I had seen a remodeling show once where they white washed unfinished wood on a project. I have wanted to try the technique ever since and come to find out it’s SUPER easy! Check it out…







I accomplished the painting in around 10 minutes time. Now I just need to find a stencil to paint on it! Keep an eye out for that in another blog coming soon!

Have fun white washing!



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